Tuesday, August 18, 2009

leaving no reasonable stone unturned

I have to credit Kiwichick from my favorite message board with that phrase. As I was taking my multitude of supplements after lunch today, I realized just how far I've gone to leave no reasonable stone unturned. I think I have taken every supplement and drug thought to possibly help with fertility. This month was my first try taking dexamethasone. It ended up not being a great cycle and I didn't do either IUI or IVF. So here I sit in the luteal phase weaning off the dex and wondering whether or not to start it up again for my next cycle. In the meantime, I'm seeing more and more women turn up pregnant on "break" cycles after finally giving up. So I try to give up, but then start hoping. Then people tell me not the think negative because that will only bring about the negative result. So then I ponder doing a vision board, starting a blog, etc. So what will the magic bullet be? Or will I finally give up...... For now I've just got to remember to breath deep and take it one day, one cycle at a time. At least I started this blog.....maybe the vision board will be next.