Monday, September 28, 2009

Trying to gear up again.....

Last cycle was cancelled since I once again was ovulating on my bad tube side.....and I didn't have a good enough response to justify IVF......have taken a mental break the last couple of weeks no temping, etc. AF should arrrive later this week. I'll post when I get my antral count results. Praying for a good shot this cycle!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

can this one please be THE one!!

It has been almost a year since my ectopic pregnancy.......I did take a few months off to recover after that, but have still gotten in quite a few cycles.........I really thought I could catch another golden egg by now......praying one is still in there. Here is what I just posted on my message board that I consider home:

Well, I'm now a believer in the booster shots as a kind of primer for me. After last months antral count of 2 after E2 priming, I'm happy to see I've got 6 this month with the booster shot priming. My period was 5 days late so I was worried about a cyst, but all seems well. On the left I have 2 <5 and on the right I have 2<10 and 2<5. RE wants me to try Femara for 7 days instead of the usual 5. He said he has had good luck with that lately. First time he has brought it up as an option. I'll be adding stims a day earlier than usual, on CD 4. Let's see how it goes, please send positive and calming thoughts my way.

My first look u/s is next Saturday 9/12, until then I'll be trying not to obsess.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A discussion came up on one of my message boards about the reality shows of fertiles such as the Duggars. We then thought why not us?!! There should be a reality show kinda like The Real World where they put a bunch of us together in a house while we are going through an IVF or IUI cycle. Emotions would be all over the place with the various hormones being used and based on how each of our cycles were going.....but there would be touching moments as we supported one another. Laughter and tears, no doubt. I think it should be a beach location...perhaps Malibu, then we could use the great RE's in the LA area......and, of course, the network would cover the cost of our cycles.......would you tune in or be on this show?