Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A discussion came up on one of my message boards about the reality shows of fertiles such as the Duggars. We then thought why not us?!! There should be a reality show kinda like The Real World where they put a bunch of us together in a house while we are going through an IVF or IUI cycle. Emotions would be all over the place with the various hormones being used and based on how each of our cycles were going.....but there would be touching moments as we supported one another. Laughter and tears, no doubt. I think it should be a beach location...perhaps Malibu, then we could use the great RE's in the LA area......and, of course, the network would cover the cost of our cycles.......would you tune in or be on this show?


sulfababy said...

Haha, great blog entry! It would make for fantastic TV.

bibc said...

i would totally watch, and im sure soo many others would too!!!