Saturday, September 5, 2009

can this one please be THE one!!

It has been almost a year since my ectopic pregnancy.......I did take a few months off to recover after that, but have still gotten in quite a few cycles.........I really thought I could catch another golden egg by now......praying one is still in there. Here is what I just posted on my message board that I consider home:

Well, I'm now a believer in the booster shots as a kind of primer for me. After last months antral count of 2 after E2 priming, I'm happy to see I've got 6 this month with the booster shot priming. My period was 5 days late so I was worried about a cyst, but all seems well. On the left I have 2 <5 and on the right I have 2<10 and 2<5. RE wants me to try Femara for 7 days instead of the usual 5. He said he has had good luck with that lately. First time he has brought it up as an option. I'll be adding stims a day earlier than usual, on CD 4. Let's see how it goes, please send positive and calming thoughts my way.

My first look u/s is next Saturday 9/12, until then I'll be trying not to obsess.